[Misty Isle] Zoi Petit, damn editors!

Posted in Loli by YQII on the May 4th, 2009
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[Misty Isle] Zoi Petit
I have nothing to say about this, so let’s talk about something else.

I come up with something to say. This artis is awesome, and if you’re planning to look for more, use the hentai search engine of your choice and look for “Youji Sorimura” as well, to find his non-doujin works.



Something else
Both Kaya and Conan have some IRL stuff going on that prevents them from editing for a while, meaning Ochiru Tenshi and Cheerism is on a temporary hiatus. The script for Cheerism 03 is done, and I’m planning to start on Ochiru 06 this weekend, so they can start on it when they’re able to do so. In the meantime, other stuff!