[Amatarou] Melody Ch.01

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01 – Tragic Heroine Syndrome

What do you know, an Amatarou tank where all of the chapters haven’t already been translated by the time of release! Edited by AntiAgingAnon.

This is more of a teaser, since it’s just four 4koma strips and a color short about a cruel master taking advantage of his servant (or is he?).

Chapter 2 is being proofread at the moment, so that should be ready pretty soon.

Scanned By Lord of Evil, commissioned By Hentaicore.net.

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More cô gái đầu?
In other news, Gokujo might be coming back. Stay tuned.

[Tits!] Sandwich 7 Scene 07

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Uni takes a break from her usual tsundere nature to become a maid for the day.

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[Bareisho] Urahara Ch.07, Release #500

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07 – For Your Sake

Here’s a story about a young master and his servants. In particular, Yasuko-san, a humble girl who’s really concerned about her height. Truth be told, I’m not really sure if this is really shota, or if she’s just really tall–which would perhaps make it shorta?

Edited by AntiAgingAnon.

Update: Links removed by request of the publisher.
PS: This is my 500th release, which is quite the milestone! Funny enough, #450 was also from this book! Maybe we’ll finish it in time for #600…

PS2: Since 500 is a pretty big number, I’ve decided to split up the lists on the Finished Projects page. I’ll keep the batches and extras on the old page, but I’ve move the huge list of every release to separate pages of 500 releases each.

[Kogure Mariko] Ore Sen Kanojo Ch.01

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01 – Encouragements of a Night Servant

This is the first chapter from one of the new books me and Conan are going to work on next.

It’s about a maid and a somewhat unwilling master. Ever since making her cry once in the past, he hasn’t been able to say no to her in fear of hurting her again. Now that she’s become a women, it’s time for her to start serving him in bed as well…

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[Unagimaru] Double lip Ch.10 + reedits

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02, 04, 06 – Your Smiling Face, Classmates, Kigurumi Panic
08-10 - Fudoutei Academy 1 – 3

AntiAgingAnon suggested that we finish the story in the last three chapters of this book. The art is neat and the stories are quite amusing, so I helped out with the translation. Chapter 10 is the newly translated chapter, but all the other previously translated chapters have been reedited by AntiAgingAnon.

The last story is about a school with a tyrannical student council president who takes a liking to a first-year student. He pretty soon discovers that her personality changes when her hat is removed, at which point she becomes really shy. That’s the general story, and in the third and final chapter, the school organizes their first cosplay tournament.

The second file contains the “Fudoutei Student Academy” triology (with the now translated final chapter), and the first file is all the other, unrelated chapters.

Ch.2, 4, 6: DF | MU | typo: 017
Ch.08-10: DF | MU | typo: 155

[Dr.P] Ren’ai Stampede! Ch.07

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07 - Don’t Call Me Cute

We’ve reached one of my favorite pairings from this chapter. Much like in the previous chapter, Youta calls his girlfriend something she doesn’t like being called, but this time, she replies by saying he’s the cute one. This doesn’t go down well with the shota-esque Youta, and he gets pretty upset.

She turns to her friend the next day (a guest appearance from this chapter) looking for advice on what to do, and it just so happens that her boyfriend is Youta’s friend.
Any friend that gets your girlfriend to wear a maid outfit when she comes over to apologize for something is a good friend in my book. Edited by ThorW.

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[Otaku Beam] SS 3 Edelweiss

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This is a pretty unusual doujinshi that was brought to my attention by AntiAgingAnon—who also edited it. Not that much H going on, but still a good read for the story.

It’s the (surprise, surprise) third part in a series of four. The story revolves around Combat Maids know as (SS = Schürze Soldatin = Apron Soldiers) and takes place in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. These Combat Maids serves a master, but if they lose their master, they’ll roam around killing aimlessly until someone defeats them in battle and can claim the role of their new master.

This part takes place during the Battle of Stalingrad, and it serves as a prequel to the rest of the series. AntiAgingAnon and a translator from /h/ did the other books years ago, but this book was scanned just last summer. With the original translator M.I.A., I agreed to helping AAA finish this series. The whole series is really long—230 pages in total—but it’s a really interesting story. This part is just over 60 pages.

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[Otaku Beam] SS 1-4 (120 MB) (more…)

[Digital Lover] D.L. action 59

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Aaand… after a short deto(a)ur(u)–sorry for the bad joke—we’re back on the OreImo track again. This doujin is about three dates that seems to happen in succession. Kuroneko wears a new costume in every part, and she also lets her guard down as the story goes on. She’s adorable towards the end~ Edited by AntiAgingAnon.

I haven’t seen the anime, so this might be common knowledge for most people,
but did you know that in the original story [Kuroneko becomes Kyousukes girlfriend]?
Suddenly it makes sense why every doujin changed focus.


The Church of Moe Cosplay - Where do I sign to give away all my material possessions?

[Girigiri Nijiiro] A Butler Doesn’t Have Many Friends

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Here’s the main book I promised. Hayate finds a book that makes him wonder whether or not he has any friends. He turns to Nishizawa, Maria, and Hinagiku for some reassurance. Needs more Nagi in my opinion :<

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I posted this and then went to check out new stuff on e-hentai. Then I came across a doujin based on a series with the same title as the light novel in this doujin. Turns out “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (I Don’t Have Many Friends)” is a real series:
MangaUpdates page
The manga is translated up to chapter 9 by Maigo Scans.
Have a batch.

[Amatarou] Lesson to You ex – Haruno Kaori Chapter

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Here’s the next Amatarou chapter, edited by AntiAgingAnon. It’s a new story to the “Lesson to You” series, which never appeared in a magazine. If you’re familiar with the series, it’s about the small girl who never got much action in the main story, and the big guy with the afro. It’s a pretty big size difference. It seems like he can reach around her torso with his hands. Also the girl is flat chested, so yeah, there you go. Flat chested Amatarou, it exists (it’s pretty hot too). One more chapter to go (back to bakunyuu).

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