[Musashi-dou] Futanarix Touhou – Mayohiga Chapter

Wow, this has been delayed for several weeks now. I just had some minor changes left to do, but I’ve always had something else to release, so I’ve postponed it up until now.

Well, it’s finally ready! A boy gets lost in the Youkai Mountains and ends up at Mayohiga, where he’s greeted by a drunk Yukari and Yuyuko. And if you think the plot sounds very similar to that of “POISON-XXX,” I can confirm that it is.
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Gentlemen, relax your anuses and enjoy the ride (ಠ_ృ)

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[Shichimen Soka] Silica-chan Playing With Your Butt Book

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In this doujin, Kirito is a different kind of “beater”–the kind who beat off guys for money!
… Yeah, it’s one of those kind of stories again…

Male brothels has sprung up in Aincrad because… well, turns out MMORPG’ers love to tap boy ass I guess. Life’s apparently tough in SAO, since even a front line clearer like Kirito is forced to work nights at a brothel.

However, doing so has turned him into a huge buttslut–or perhaps that’s the reason he works there in the first place? Either way, Silica finds out about his secret occupation, and she’s more than happy to lend a helping hand… along with other things.



SOA and perhaps anime in general rant (more…)

[Musashi-dou] POISON-XXX

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Hold on to your sexuality, we’re in for a wild ride!

A boyish guy walks into a red-light district, and catch the attention of the local prostitutes. It’s a Poison doujin, so you can probably imagine what kind of prostitutes dwell here.

This circle’s been pushing the limits in the past with some futa-on-male, but this time it’s actual shemales–and even a full out yaoi page at the end. They keep their (hot) pants on for most of the time, so with a little bit of imagination and denial, you can probably still consider this futanari.

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You walked into the wrong neighborhood, boy