[Mame] Double S Size #4, batch, editor wanted

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It’s been a while since the previous chapter of this series. Just to clarify, I finished the script exactly two months ago, but we’ve been waiting for a scan since then. A decent scan showed up just last week (the tankoubon), so we’re finally able to finish this!

This is the conclusion to Double S Size. Don’t think I need to say any more.

Edited by Boggyb.

DF | RG | EX


Double S Size #1 – 4 (44.4 MB)

DF | RG | EX

[Mame] Milk Crown – Editor Wanted

As mentioned above, this chapter came from the newly released tankoubon, Milk Crown, rather than the Girls For M magazine. The tank is much less censored (bars instead of mosaic; compare chapter 3 and 4), and I’d like the reedit the entire book.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to do that, so I’m hoping some skilled editor would be interested in helping me out. I have the Photoshop files for all the chapters I’ve translated, so that should save you some time when typesetting. I’d also like to redo the translation for the remaining ~30 pages I didn’t do, just for the sake of consistency.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with me (mail, comment, PM, etc.)!


[Pannacotta] Eternal Love, [Morimiya Masayuki] Hatuiki☆Syndrome Ch.01

[Pannacotta] Eternal Love

This is a C83 doujin, so I assume it’s a prequel to this one (from C84).

This time, Mari joins in on the action. Although, in the story, it’s more like Asuka is the one joining in. Unlike in the (presumed) sequel, Shinji’s dick doesn’t make her go gaga here, and she’s much less friendly overall in this one.

Once again, scanned by Kalevala, commissioned by HNTI, and edited by hihohahi.

DF | RG | EX | FU


[Morimiya Masayuki] Hatuiki☆Syndrome Ch.01

While at it, here’s a new tank I’ll be picking up together with hihohahi!

I’ve had my eyes on this artist since last summer, so I was all over this book when it got scanned the other day. Much like this one, this chapter is just four pages long, and it’s more of a teaser of what’s to come. Again, like with the Amatarou chapter, chapter 2 is already at the proofreader, so look forward to more of this yandere in the near future—three whole chapters more, actually!

DF | RG | EX | FU


PS: I didn’t even realize how appropriate it was to release this now.

~Happy Easter~

[Tits!] Sandwich 7 Scene 03

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I feel like Christmas would be a lot more merrier were Santa a little girl big with huge knockers instead of a hairy geezer with a fat belly. By the way, since today’s December 5th and we’re already on the subject of the questionable Santa features, to all the Dutch people out there, enjoy your blackface sidekick!

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[Dr.P] Bokunchi no Mikage-san Ch.10-11, Batches

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10 – Akeno After
11 – Bonus Manga

Afro Thunda and I have finally reached the final chapters of this book!

Once again we end things with a revisit to an old couple, and the ones making a reappearance this time is Yukihiro and his cousin/teacher Akeno. After getting perfect score on a few tests, he’s again rewarded with some cosplay.

The bonus mandatory bonus manga comes in the form of a few 4koma and some comments on each of the characters. While most of them are purely gags, a few of them wrap up their respective stories in a nice way (such as this one).

DF | RG | EX | FU


Bokunchi no Mikage-san Ch.01-11 (88 MB) (more…)

[Charlie Nishinaka] Cheers… err, no, I mean Choice! Vol.3 Ch.04

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04 – Narikiri #15

Seems like some 100 chapters in Cheers wasn’t enough. Although, I guess you can’t make a cosplay compilation without a cheerleading chapter.

Apparently Shiori has to fill in yet again, and this time it’s for the cheerleading club.

DF | RG | EX | FU


[Charlie Nishinaka] Choice! Vol.3 Ch.03

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The school has set up a haunted house, and with the girl who was supposed to play the yukionna sick, who’s better to fill in that role than Shiori?

All she has to do is to poke her head out from behind some props and look at the visitors as they pass by in their boats. Showing a cold expression fitting for a yukionna is easier said than done when there’s someone else hiding in the background with you.

DF | RG | FU


Also, I never should’ve started watching anime again. Going through all these old shows which has now been brought to a conclusion–like Zero no Tsukaima. All these feels, man. It’s like “Free Willy” back when I was 8 or something all over again.

[Digital Lover] D.L. action 69

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DL keeps churning out Kuroneko doujins, and so will AntiAgingAnon and I.

I don’t know what’s been going on in the anime or manga adaptations, but I’m guessing these are heavily based on the much further advanced novels. Seems like they’ve both moved out to their own places, so now they can do it wherever they want!
… Well, not that having people in their surrounding has really stopped them in the past.

Various outfits has been a hallmark for the OreImo DL series, and in this one, they’re going back to the well-tried classics: school uniforms and (eventually, naked) aprons!

Update: Found a typo on page 3. The links are updated to the new version (v2). Alternatively, you can just replace the single page using the file below.

DF | MF | Typo

In fact, there’ll be some naked apron already in this one!

[Charlie Nishinaka] Choice! Vol.3 Ch.01

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01 – Narikiri #12

After many years, the new tankoubon is scanned, and I can finally finish what I started back in 2009. In fact, volume 4 is also available, so you can expect a lot of Charlie Nishinaka in the near–and probably distant–future.

If you’ve read the previous chapter, the concept is very much the same. Each chapter has Shiori being dressed up in a new outfit and embarrassed–usually in public to further the embarrassment.

However, these new volumes has a lot more yuri than the previous ones. Some chapters are exclusively yuri, and others–like this–are mixed. Some new characters are introduced, but the one thing that is constant is Shiori in the midst of everything.

DF | MF | FU

~Happy Easter~

Choice Vol.01 + Vol.02: (more…)

[Sasahara Yuuki] Shall We Game? Ch.09

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09 – Shall wii Game? Chapter 7

Getting closer to the conclusion of the SWG series. This chapter is just one big orgy with all the girls from previous chapters in nurse outfits, and it ends with a cliffhanger.

Edited by ThorW


[Unagimaru] Double lip Ch.10 + reedits

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02, 04, 06 – Your Smiling Face, Classmates, Kigurumi Panic
08-10 - Fudoutei Academy 1 – 3

AntiAgingAnon suggested that we finish the story in the last three chapters of this book. The art is neat and the stories are quite amusing, so I helped out with the translation. Chapter 10 is the newly translated chapter, but all the other previously translated chapters have been reedited by AntiAgingAnon.

The last story is about a school with a tyrannical student council president who takes a liking to a first-year student. He pretty soon discovers that her personality changes when her hat is removed, at which point she becomes really shy. That’s the general story, and in the third and final chapter, the school organizes their first cosplay tournament.

The second file contains the “Fudoutei Student Academy” triology (with the now translated final chapter), and the first file is all the other, unrelated chapters.

Ch.2, 4, 6: DF | MU | typo: 017
Ch.08-10: DF | MU | typo: 155

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