[Distance] Ochiru Tenshi Ch.06

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Oh, look, a new chapter of Ochiru Tenshi, it’s just been 2 ½ months since the last time.
Hopefully the last two chapters will be done before this year is!

Like the previous chapters, edited by Kaya.

RS | MF | FU


For some reason, this particular manga seems to have been targeted for deletion.
All the links for the old chapters work now, get them from the Books page,
since I don’t update individual posts!
You can also try Kaya’s mirrors, and I’ve also uploaded them on Fakku now,
so you can get them here as well.

AAA is a pretty cool guy…

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[2 Gou] According to the mood
[UsaUsa] Lovery Summer Girls (ToLove-ru)

Here’s a filler, since the FREAKS doujin I’m working on takes forever.  The 2 Gou one is pretty old, the other one is new, but I never posted either one of them before. Here’s the story behind these:

Both of these were partially translated, and posted on /h/ by AAA. I did ~2 pages of the 2 Gou manga. The other one was almost fully translated, although most lines were wrong, so I redid about ½ of the lines. Some lines still sound weird, but they’re at least acceptably translated by the previous translator.

Again, I only did parts of the translation in these.

So yeah, creds to AntiAgingAnon for the editing.


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[Distance] Ochiru Tenshi Ch.04, 100th release

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Hard to find a work-safe picture with a chapter like this.
I think I’ve thought of a good way to split up the rest of the book, 4 more chapters of 18-22 pages each, so there will be a total of 8 chapters.
There’s a [v2] of chapter 1-3 at Kaya with a few typos fixed.

RS | MF | Ch.01-03 [v2]


Nice boat

In other news, this is my 100th release :O
Yay for me, I’ll try to have a torrent up later on this week.

[Distance] Ochiru Tenshi Ch.02

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Second chapter, the mysterious boyfriend makes an appearance!
Should add that starting with this chapter this book will involve “guy in girl body having sex with other guys“. With the “body swap” tag, who would’ve guessed?



[Distance] Ochiru Tenshi Ch.01

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First chapter of Ochiru Tenshi, translated by me and edited by Kaya. There’s no chapters in the book so I just end a “chapter” whenever the story allows it, but there will probably be around 5-6 relases for this book.