[Akari Tsutsumi] Accomplice

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A short incest story, edited by AntiAgingAnon. A guy walks in on his sister masturbating to him. To prevent him from tell, and ultimately breaking up the family, she makes him her “accomplice.” It’s eight pages, so that’s about it. Enjoy your non-rewrite incest!

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[Syatikamaboko] Kaichou no Iinari! Ch.06

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06 – Enma Judgement Sequel

This is the sequel… to Enma Judgement. Still edited by Conan. Hell is supposed to be a place of never-ending agony and suffering, but what do you do when you’re in charge of carrying out that pain, and dealing with someone who enjoys it? Obviously a cunning solution is necessary in order to keep people on the road of righteousness.

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[Girigiri Nijiiro] A Butler Doesn’t Have Many Friends

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Here’s the main book I promised. Hayate finds a book that makes him wonder whether or not he has any friends. He turns to Nishizawa, Maria, and Hinagiku for some reassurance. Needs more Nagi in my opinion :<

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I posted this and then went to check out new stuff on e-hentai. Then I came across a doujin based on a series with the same title as the light novel in this doujin. Turns out “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (I Don’t Have Many Friends)” is a real series:
MangaUpdates page
The manga is translated up to chapter 9 by Maigo Scans.
Have a batch.

[Girigiri Nijiiro] A Butler Doesn’t Have Many Friends – Bonus Book

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There’s still some editing left to do on Kamino Ryu-ya’s C79 book, so it’ll be a day or two until I release that. Until then, here’s a short bonus book also released during C79. Having only seen the first season of the anime adoption of Hayate, almost three years ago, I’m not too familiar with the series. Basically, Hayate plays with A-tan.

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[tete a tete fragile] Kuroneko Note 2.

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Hello 2011!

I took a break from everything translation related after Christmas.
During that time, C79 happen, so now I have a lot of work waiting for me :]

This is the second part to this doujin, although I don’t really see much of a connection between the two. This is probably just a reflection on where the OreImo story is at the moment. Kuroneko is wearing cat ears, a maid outfit, and a tail with a built-in, multi-mode vibrator. What more do you need to know?


[Yamatogawa] Power Play #05

Posted in Regular by YQII on the December 24th, 2010
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Unfortunately I didn’t get around to do something Christmasy this year, but I’m sure you can get your fair share of Santas elsewhere. Instead, here’s the latest Power Play chapter which was delayed a month. Edited by AntiAgingAnon. This chapter is from Tenma 2011-01, and the first chapter came out in 2010-03, so it’s almost been a year since this story started. With six relatively long chapters (~24 pages each), I suspect we will see two or three more chapters before the story is over. ETA for #6: mid February.
Clones sure are “handy” when you want to rape someone.

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Merry Christmas!

Power Play #00-05 (88,3 MB) (more…)

[Nekomata Naomi] Shoujo Yuri, batch

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Better late then never, right? Hopefully this will make up for the shortage of releases as of late. This is the third chapter from Nekomata’s newest book, and with this, the whole book is now translated. As always, credit goes out to whoever deserves it.

This story is about some sort of dormitory with what seems to be rich/classy girls.
More specifically, about one girl who is anxious about being with a man. Another girl suggests that she asks the superintendent for help, and help she gets.

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[Nekomata Naomi] Futanari Relations Ch.01-12 (93,1 MB) (more…)

Christmas break

Posted in Info by YQII on the December 12th, 2010

This week I’ve been… busy. I have my final exams for the semester this upcoming week, and I just bought a new computer, so I’m in the middle of transferring files and software. Therefore, I’ll be taking a short break for a week or so until everything is done.

On the positive side…

[Drill Jill] Sperm-star Ch.04

Posted in Futanari by YQII on the December 4th, 2010
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04 – She’s a Violence Heroine – Chapter 4

We’ve finally reached the start of the main story for the rest of the book. In my opinion, things are only getting better and more interesting from here on.

Apparently, Nekimiya’s admirer, Chikako, already had an admirer of her own. How exciting, a love-triangle… or maybe more of a love-hate triangle… actually, have a graph.

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[Amatarou] Daisy Ch.4 [Reedit], Batch

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04 – Oneesan to Boku – Summer holiday chapter

Here’s the last of reedit from this book. This had no subtitle when it was published, but it’s the same chapter as Nee-san to Boku 2, translated by me over two years ago. Big shout-out to AntiAgingAnon for reediting this whole book, and to all the people involved in translating and editing the original, magazine versions.


[Amatarou] Daisy Ch.01-10 (122 MB) (more…)

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