[Takumi na Muchi] Toraburu Soushuuhen+

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This is a collection of Takumi’s ToLoveRu doujins. Most of these were already translated when each individual doujin was released except for the first story,
because it was first published in this. Me and ThorW worked on that chapter,
and thus finished the book. It’s a typical Mikan x Rito doujin, with bloomers~

Chapter 1 (the new one):
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Toraburu Soushuuhen+ (104 MB) (more…)

[Syatikamaboko] Kaichou no Iinari! Ch.00-01

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00 – Enma Judgement After
01 – Student Council President’s Slave! 1

I’ve been wanting to work on something by this author for a while, so when these series got tankoubon’d, it was a given project. This is another joint project with Conan.

The first, full-color, chapter is a bonus chapter to the Enma Judgement two parter. Basically it’s about a guy dying and going to hell, but more on that in chapter 5.

This first real chapter is about a guy who joined the student council in order to be with the president, who he has a crush on. In a not so planned manner, he confesses to her, and she agrees to go out with him as long as he does whatever she tells him to.
Some really cool use of simple black and white in this one. There’s also something about those long sleeves where only the finger tips sticks out that’s so hot.

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Long sleeves fapfapfap


[Digital Lover] D.L. action 55

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Yet another Digital Lover doujin, and this included, it’s the 3rd non-Toaru doujin since D.L. action 45. Everyone who’s anyone seems to be doing OreImo doujins right now. Judging from the doujin scene alone, it seems that Kirino is still in America, and Kuroneko is the new female lead as Kyousuke’s underclassman, which is fine with me.

Kuroneko and Kyousuke are assigned a game to work on, and to incorporate some chuuni into it. Turns out it’s some gay rape game, and Kuroneko points out that the protagonist sounds like Kyousuke. Kyousuke tries to get back to her by teasing her, but the line between playful teasing and doing it gets more and more blurry as the story progresses. AntiAgingAnon did the editing.


Note: Oh, look. The October issue of Tenma is finally (came out half a month ago) scanned. I’ll get started on the next Power Play chapter right away.
Note 2: Woot, script done~

[pinvise] When the Angel’s Away… 2

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Loads of awesome sequels coming out now. Not very surprisingly, this is a continuation of this doujin. Like in the last one, AntiAgingAnon did the editing.
Tomoki is giving Sohara private “swimming” lessons during the summer holiday, and they’re found out by the student council president. The pool is closed during summer (and you’re probably not allowed to have sex in there either), but she promises to not tell anyone about it, but for doing that she has an interesting request…

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Torrent: #001-308

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[Sameda Koban] Pink Cherry Pie Ch.16-17, batch

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16 – Sweat Trap
17 –
Giant Isopod-tan 12-15

Final proper chapter of Pink Cherry Pie, as well as more from the giant isopod-tan 4koma! A long time ago, I read this book and decided that I wanted to do chapter 13 and 16. Stuff happened, and here we are, with 17 complete chapters. I like to point out that it’s 17 chapters. Makes it sounds like it’s huge (in fact it’s shorter than most books).
The whole book is translated by me, and edited by Conan.

The story is: Guy and girl in what seems to be some art club gets locked inside a storage room. It gets hot in there, so they (eventually) takes off all their clothes.
What’s neat about it is that I get to use the sweat-tag again! Delicious sweaty armpits~

The last chapter continues where chapter 8 left off (like there’s any story); Following Guu-tan’s daily life as a moe giant isopod. For instance, she tries on a shirt! Ooh, exciting! Worth noting is that the author announced to continue the story in his next book. Kind of makes me feel obligated to work on it as well. I won’t make any promises ;o

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Edit: Omg new torrent up! I just saw 300 last week, so yeah.

Pink Cherry Pie Ch.1-17 batch (104,9 MB) (more…)

[Kurage no Candume] .rec

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Remilia is schlicking (Can’t really blame her, seeing how the guy:girl ratio in the Touhou universe is like 1:100), and Patchouli is watching her in secret with some Back Beard look-alike, floating eye-thing. Remilia is not that pleased when she discovers Patchouli, and throws her out. Her mood isn’t lightened when she founds out that the eye-thing is some sort of recording device, and that the rest of the Scarlet mansion is having a screening of her masturbating.

That’s pretty much it. Also, wacky bonus manga at the end!


50,000,000 hours in MSPAINT

FYI: The torrent has been delayed a bit, since I wanted to include some conclusive chapters in it. Namely: Chu-gakusei Diary Ch.03, Mahou no Dennou… Ch.07, and the last two chapters of Pink Cherry Pie. Conan is pretty much done with the editing on the PCP chapters, so the torrent should be out this weekend.

[Wanyanaguda] Mahou no Dennou Shoujo Maria Ch.07

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07 – Magical Computer Girl Maria – Final Chapter

Here’s the climax (doh-ho-ho) to this story. Is it the end of Maria? The end of Copy-Maria? Will Wanyan kill again? See for yourself. This is the final part of this story, but there’s still a couple of chapters left for me and ThorW to work on.

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[Okada Kou] Chu-Gakusei Diary Ch.03

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03 – Warmth 3

Once again, sorry for wait between chapters… This story wasn’t easy to either translate or edit. Anyhow, this three-parter is finally complete! I’ve been wanting to work on it since I  saw the first chapter in a magazine, so I’m happy that it’s done. Like the other chapters, this one is rather lengthy, and once you get past the story, it’s all about Nojima. Expect a lot of tsundere attitude, but she eventually softens up a bit. I’m quoting ThorW on this, “bonus points for many D’aaaaw moments and happy ending”.


Chu-Gakusei Diary Ch.1-3 (62 MB) (more…)

[Yaya Hinata-ya] Angel Days

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Desudesu already  translated this last week, but I was close to done with it before I got hospitalized. It’s been further postponed a couple of days since I haven’t felt like doing the final touches (redrawing and moans) up until now. As far as story goes, there’s not a whole lot of it in this doujin, and it’s just a short happy-sex story. I mainly did this because I’m happy to see Yaya Hinata doing something besides those miko doujins for a change. Also, thanks to Bamboo from LWB for confirming some series related stuff.

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Knives are so moe

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