[Otsuka Kotora] Angraecum Ch.06-10 (Reedit)

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Yet another magazine->tankoubon reedit by AntiAgingAnon, and a rather lengthy one this time. It’s about two girls who crashes down in a guy’s living room when trying to get a break from their own dimension; a seemingly strict and military-based society.

Most stories like these ends with a hurpderp harem and everyone lives happily ever after in monogamic bliss, but this one is slightly different, and it’s actually quite touching. I wasn’t too thrilled about the art at first, but it grows on you and has its omega kawaii moments. Overall I really enjoyed this story, and I hope you will as well.

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Note: Apparently there’s a (tank-exclusive?) color page at the beginning of the book. It’s not much of a spoiler, but it fits in at the end of the story, so you might want to save it for after you’ve read it.

[Syatikamaboko] Kaichou no Iinari! Ch.07

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07 – Bunny House

新年快樂! Today, 3rd of February, is the Chinese New Year, and we’re now entering the year of the rabbit (or cat if you’re Vietnamese). What could be a better way to celebrate this than a story with rabbits! Or technically bunnies, but really, what’s the difference?

Okay, what’s it about? Guy comes over to help a girl study, and apparently everyone wear bunny suits in her home… yeah. Edited by Conan.

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The real question is: Why not?

[Dr.P] Ren’ai Stampede! Ch.03

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03 – Mahiru Full Speed

I apologize for the delay, but here you have it: a new Dr.P chapter! Edited by ThorW.

It’s time for the obligatory tomboy chapter! A girl is having troubles in school, but one of her senpais steps in and helps her study. Ultimately she passes her makeup exam, and she’s understandably very thankful. The only problem is that she doesn’t know how to return the favor… until one day when she finds him under a bridge, and we all know what usually goes on under bridges in hentai

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Flash recommendation: Super Deepthroat (more…)

[Digital Lover] D.L. action 57

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Here’s the first of the two Digital Lover doujins released during C79. It’s a continuation of 55 and 56. Once again, edited by AntiAgingAnon.

1. Go on a date with Kuroneko, in her Shironeko attire.
2. Buy some gay manga.
3. Check in to a love hotel. (because you’re “tired.”)
4. Watch porn.
5. ????
6. PROFIT!!!


Kuroneko is totally deredere in this doujin

[Akira Shiden] Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History [Reedit]

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In today’s edition of:


[Sasahara Yuuki] Shall We Game? Ch.03

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03 – Shall Wii Game?

After much delay, here’s the first chapter to the main story of this book! Edited by ThorW.

It’s a teacher x students story. Three girls, one being his sister, are fed up with their teacher fooling around with all of them. To help him make up his mind, they’ve come up with a game to see who’s most suitable for him, thus the title. Although, it’s not so much of an request as an ambush – hands tied – forced participation in the game.

If you’re perplexed about the titles: On the book cover it says “We,” but in these chapters it’s “wii.” Perhaps they didn’t want to publish a book like this with Wii™ on the cover….


It’s been a while, so: Chapters 1-2.

[Hyoco Road] M-My Younger Sister is 3

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Took me long enough, huh? This part of the tetralogy wasn’t the easiest in the series so far, and judging from its content, I think many wouldn’t consider it the best.

Like most other Hyoco Road doujins, the art is a bit over the top and wacky at times. Unlike most Hyoco Road doujins, the theme is a bit darker, but the author chickens out and tries to redeem himself in the end. I translated the afterwords in this one, since I thought it was nice to let the author respond to the inevitable QQ that this will bring.

The first two doujins can be found here and here.

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When will the next chapter of ___ be out? (more…)

[Akari Tsutsumi] Accomplice

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A short incest story, edited by AntiAgingAnon. A guy walks in on his sister masturbating to him. To prevent him from tell, and ultimately breaking up the family, she makes him her “accomplice.” It’s eight pages, so that’s about it. Enjoy your non-rewrite incest!

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[Syatikamaboko] Kaichou no Iinari! Ch.06

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06 – Enma Judgement Sequel

This is the sequel… to Enma Judgement. Still edited by Conan. Hell is supposed to be a place of never-ending agony and suffering, but what do you do when you’re in charge of carrying out that pain, and dealing with someone who enjoys it? Obviously a cunning solution is necessary in order to keep people on the road of righteousness.

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[Girigiri Nijiiro] A Butler Doesn’t Have Many Friends

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Here’s the main book I promised. Hayate finds a book that makes him wonder whether or not he has any friends. He turns to Nishizawa, Maria, and Hinagiku for some reassurance. Needs more Nagi in my opinion :<

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I posted this and then went to check out new stuff on e-hentai. Then I came across a doujin based on a series with the same title as the light novel in this doujin. Turns out “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (I Don’t Have Many Friends)” is a real series:
MangaUpdates page
The manga is translated up to chapter 9 by Maigo Scans.
Have a batch.

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