[Dr.P] Momoiro Daydream Ch.02

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02 – Slovenly Princess

Here is the continuation of the first chapter.

Ryousuke has to go home during Golden Week and can’t spend it with Momoko like they had planned. He promises to come back as soon as possible, and he does by coming back two days earlier. However, she doesn’t answer on her phone, and when he goes to her work, she’s taken the day off. He gets her address from her cooworkers, and decides to visit her at home for the first time…

Also, the color pages are from the magazine version, because they were B&W’d and looked kinda ugly in the tankoubon.

Edited by Afro Thunda.

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[Digital Lover] D.L. action 84

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Guess we won’t quit until we’ve covered every single boat girl out there.

The shota Admiral is back doing what he likes the most: naval warfare. Of course, the one who stands out the most in those battles deserves a reward, which in this case means a massage and some ice cream… well, at least for a couple of pages.

Scanned by kouya913 and edited by AntiAgingAnon. Script for 85 is being proofread!

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[Yuugengaisha Mach Spin] Chenge!! 4

Despite not being the last part, this is sorta the climax to the series.

The bad guy gets thrown around quite literally from one mech to another while the heroines finish their mission (whatever that was). Let’s just say the robots aren’t the one things gattai-ing with each other.

There are still two more doujins left, but they’re about the aftermath of these events.

Scanned by The Tsukuyomi Project. Edited by Super Shanko.

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[Mimicry.z] Compliant Escalation

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Here’s one of the very few YuuShibu doujins out there.

In order to compete with the big chain store opening up in town, the Leon store adds adult toys to their line of goods. Naturally, the products have to to be tested before they can start selling them.

Scanned by The Tsukuyomi Project, organized by Red_Piotrus, contributed to by lightshader, and edited by mrwayne.

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[Morimiya Masayuki] Hatuiki☆Syndrome Ch.04

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04 – Confession Syndrome Part 3

Here’s the conclusion of this trilogy! Without spoiling anything, let’s say stuff happens. Enjoy~ Also, we will do the rest of the book, so more to come!

Edited by hihohahi.

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[Nakata Modem] Houkei Nama Ijiri Ch.07

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07 – Reward Sex

We already did punishment sex some chapters ago, so here’s the opposite.

This takes place in a cram school where the students’ academical performance is rewarded. For instance, a students gets to see his teacher’s breast if he solves a question within a time limit. However, she realizes that he wants more and offers a “special reward” if he manages to improve his grades in the upcoming tests.

Edited by bfrost.

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Bi-weekly Digital Lover Update: I’ve finished the script for 84 and I’m about to get started on 85. The latter has two giant lists of ship girls, and since I’m not familiar with the game, I don’t really know how all the names are supposed to be read. I checked them against the wiki though, and came up with this list. If you’re a KanColle/WWII expert and have a moment to spare, I’d appreciate it if you could have a look at this.

List of hundreds of ships

[Futou Ryouko] For Your Sake!

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This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. It’s from early 2010, back when I used to read magazines regularly, so it’s possible it’s been on my to-do list for four years. As far as I can tell, the artist last publication was back in 2011, so I gave up waiting for a tankoubon.

I was reminded of this story when I did these two Amatarou chapters, since they’re all about a cute cross dresser and a tomboy. This is pretty much have the same sort of content as those two, so enjoy.

Edited by AntiAgingAnon.

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In other news, two new Digital Lover doujins are out, so I’m on it.

[Arima Zin] Tennen Koiiro Alcohol Ch.04

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04 – Present for Bacchus’ Kiss

As mentioned in earlier releases, the following chapters will be about Akira and Naoto from Arima Zin’s first book!

In the first chapter, Akira is trying to get some extra money to celebrate Naoto’s birthday later on that day by working at her uncle’s bar. Unfortunately, Akira accidentally has a drink, and she apparently can’t hold her liquor too well, since it knocks her out completely. When she wakes up, Naoto is there, but it’s already late in the evening.

Edited by Bubblemilktea.

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[Morimiya Masayuki] Hatuiki☆Syndrome Ch.03

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03 – Confession Syndrome Part 2

The middle part of this childhood friend yandere story.

After being saved by her prince, Akane gives up being a shut-in and goes back to school again–by which I mean she pulls out a chair and sits right behind Kouji in his class. Things quickly get rather heated, so he drags her away to the school’s tool shed. Nothing sexual ever happens in tool sheds. Or closets, for that matter.

Edited by hihohahi.

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[Amatarou] Melody Ch.04

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04 – Love Suggestion

This story has a lot of references to the paranormal. Some of these are rather well-known, but I’ll list everything anyway just to be thorough:

First off, most people probably know that UFOs are Unidentified Flying Object, but UMA stands for Unidentified Mysterious Animal (e.g., the Loch Ness Monster).

All the characters BBS handle names are based on UFOs/UMAs: Foo fighter, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, and Greys, with the exception of Addams, who’s most likely named after the family and its creator.

The song on his phone is “LOVE PHANTOM” by B’z (the actual sentence can be heard [in Japanese] here), which was used as the ending theme for The X-Files in Japan. Between PreCure and now X-Files, I think we can conclude that Amatarou has excellent taste when it comes to TV shows.

The gist of “Misattribution of arousal” is that people can mistake one form of excitement (e.g., from fear, like in this story) with sexual arousal. Apparently watching scary movies with someone you’re interested in works on several levels.

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Did you know: Tenga is not the same as Tengu?

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