[Yamatogawa] Power Play #08, Batch

Posted in Batch,Regular by YQII on the February 11th, 2012
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This project is about one month short of spanning two whole years. The author sure took his sweet time with this one. The tank will be out towards the end of this month–probably with some bonus stories.

Not a whole lot is going on with regards to the story in this final chapter. The adventure is over, and it’s more or less a glimpse of what the everyday life of Saduharu and Sara will be like. Happily ever after seems appropriate here–at least for those two.

Edited by AntiAgingAnon. Final chapter, yay.

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[Yamatogawa] Power Play Batch (145 MB)


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  1. Machete says:


    thanks a lot man!

  2. RoflCat says:


  3. Kiwi says:

    Aww man, thanks a lot for this!

  4. Advocate says:

    Okay, been the longest I’ve seen to wait it out. Good thing too.

  5. freedom86 says:

    According to the most recent issue of Comic Tenma there is going to be a epilogue chapter released in next month’s issue.

    • Dr._Strangelove says:

      HOPEFULLY it will be the harem ending I wanted this series to have. I mean, the only thing better than having the brown skinned girl of your dreams is having 3 heroines too :-)

  6. Ehud says:

    Great post. Many thanx Yqii for completing another great manga. Thanx to AntiAgingAnon. too.

  7. ShiroYasha says:

    A 0MB batch? That’s nifty

    Anyway, thanks for doing this series. One of my favourites.

  8. Pot Pie says:

    Thanks for all the hard work getting this out quickly!

  9. Thank you YQII and Yamatogawa!

  10. Anon E. Mouse says:

    Hells yea, the arc is complete.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to everyone for bringing us this work, especially YQII!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thanks. Was there a raw for this posted anywhere?

  13. Oni says:

    I bow to you, good sir. Thank you for all your hard work and keeping up with this series for as long as you have. I’ll definitely be picking up the tankoban when it hits the shelves.

    Yamatogawa is seriously one hell of an artist.

  14. hoccus says:

    Holy mother of sweet hentai, thank you so much YQII and Anti-Aging Anon for completing and bringing such joy to us, you fine gentlemen have done a friggen amazing job! YAMATOGOWA is a hentai GOD himself.

  15. Gmail says:

    Is YAMATOGAWA releasing any more works?
    I haven’t seen any news about the author in the year 2011-2012…

    Please, I want more…series….

    • YQII says:

      You mean BESIDES this series? If so, no. I can’t think of any author who does something else while working on a series–save the occasional doujin.

      However, with this series now complete, he’ll most likely start on something new in the near future.

  16. JukanX says:

    Many thanks for the release, Yqii and AAA. Oddly, each time I glance at the title of this post, I read the last word as bitch

  17. freedom86 says:

    According to the information that I have it will most likely be a harem ending and have some color pages.

  18. Oliver says:

    I’m late in replying, sorry –


    Power Play is really a good manga, managing to mix extremely good art with a scenario making it worth reading, also for the story…

    Awesome, simply, some of the finest hentai there is :)

    Antiaging Anon, YQII, we love you guys =)

  19. Serathis says:


  20. Furuba-tan says:

    there is a small typo in chapter 8, panel 3. “heorines” -> “heroines”

  21. Pedram says:

    Yeeeeeeeees So it’s Finally all Done ….
    first time i see it there was only like 3 chapter out :D
    hope to see the left over Omake or side Stories as well
    Tyvm again :D

  22. Serathis says:

    Whats up with you and Fakku? Your translator page disappeared and so did ch 8.

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