[Yukimi] Kano Bana Ch.09-10 (Reedit)

Posted in Reedit,Regular by YQII on the April 27th, 2011

09 – A Lovely Night to Fall in Love
10 - Cherry Pink

Reedits by AntiAgingAnon. I’ve also posted a reedit of the first chapter from this book before. Be aware that that one is still using the magazine scans.


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  1. somedude says:

    Any plans regarding the rest of the main story of the tank? The “Metronome” one?

  2. Fronzel says:

    Aw, “having an erection toward me” from the first version was hilariously mumble-mouthed.

  3. Black Hole says:

    These stories were actually a nice re-read. That drunk crazed girl was cute to the max :P

  4. Sumatori-kun says:

    Argh, chapter 10 makes you feel like shit. (In a good way.)

  5. Zwagon says:

    so, I just read Cherry Pink and…. wow, that was amazing
    I usually don’t expect any good stories in h-manga but to even find one that pertains to my taste so much
    ahh… that was short but beautiful

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