[Hyoco Road] M-My Younger Sister is 2

Posted in Regular by YQII on the August 29th, 2010
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Sequel to this 1☆4 doujin. Apparently the sister moves to America to study, and the brother is left alone in Japan. In Kirino’s absent, Kuroneko decides to make a move on him. Man, I’d like to have a goth-loli cosplaying little girl insisting to come over to my place all the time. I’d debugg her C-route all day, if you know what I mean.

DF | MU | FU

That haircut is so moe

New OreImo manga chapter!

Since the last release, the people over at Pure-Scans have finished the first volume (8 chapters) of the manga adoption of this! They intend to work on the next volume as well.
Volume 1: DF | MU (63.6 MB)

Not much seems to be happening on the light novel department, but you can find the first three chapters here, translated by Himatsubushi.
Ch.01-03: Baka-Tsuki wiki

Also there’s an anime adoption planned for this November.

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  1. sekirei07 says:

    Is this doujin taking content from the original work to come up with this story? Like does the little sister really leave for America??

  2. puli says:

    This chapter was a bit disappointing compared to the first one, but it was still good. And I can’t believe how Hyocoroad can imitate the novel’s artist’s style this well, his art is much better than the official manga’s, which is pretty bad imo.

  3. Figaro says:

    Can you upload to hotfile as well pretty please? :(

  4. Rahmeesh says:

    Wow I didn’t think this doujin was so far along in the story. Oh well, hopefuly there can be a threesome one by Hyoco soon.

  5. Black Hole says:

    Remember that ore no imo is also bound to an anime season on october

  6. Nashrakh says:

    Finally! Been waiting for this :)

    Quite a good batch of Oreimo doujins this Comiket… do you plan to do any others?

    • LoliSauce says:

      Although there are a good number of OreImo doujins already, I feel that the only one that’s really superb (alongside the Hyoco Road one) is the one by Number 2:
      [Number 2 (Takuji)] Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

  7. zazuge says:

    that’s uber moeness
    yes moeness on another level ^^

  8. Ehud says:

    Awesome. Many thanx Yqii.

  9. YQII says:

    Huge reply post incoming.
    I looked around a bit, and apparently this stays true to the novels. I couldn’t find the actual novels (I looked for a whole minute or so), but I found this summary:
    As we head towards the end of the novel, Kyousuke notices one day that Kirino isn’t at home. At dinner she hasn’t appeared yet and after asking, his father answers that she is no longer in Japan – she has been scouted by some American sports team. She is no longer there. It was really the last counseling session.
    As the new school year begins and Kyousuke goes with his future wife Manami to school, he meets a girl who looks familiar – Kuroneko, who is now at his school, calls him senpai.

    Seems like this doujin takes place around the end of volume 4/early volume 5. There are 6 volumes as of now, and I would be surprised if Kirino never came back. Judging from Kuroneko’s comment at the end of this doujin, I must say that we’re likely to see a threesome in the (hopefully) next edition of this doujin series. But Hyocorou seems to follow the novels, so it all depends on what happens there.

    I’d say both artists stay true to their own style. Ikeda Sakura is pretty far out on the moeblob side, so it’s not that surprising that it doesn’t look much like the novel’s art. Hyocorou is an amazing artist though.

    Sorry, but I don’t think I will use HF. It’s not very popular, and all I can see is cash rewards, which I have no interest in.

    I have nothing planned right now. I like the OreImo, so it’s likely, but I’m trying to stay away from C78 until I’ve finished my current projects -3-

  10. thief_ac says:

    Very nice! Thank you.

  11. Shirou says:

    >I’d debugg her C-route all day, if you know what I mean.

    You lost me.

  12. Ammy says:

    You mean her cervix, rrrright?
    Thanks for the great release haha!

  13. Mr Sedwick Requires says:

    Hey YQII, is the manga/novel really incest? Cuz if it is… I’m gonna want volume two even more.

    Tsundere+brother complex+eroge obsession+rival with gothic lolita=Uh, whats a synonym for epic?

  14. Fate-Chan says:

    The MU link is broken..
    Went to Fakku, link is broken aswell..
    DP is giving me max download problem..

  15. Tutankhamun says:

    MU link is dead, DF link is dead, and the FU links are also dead. The links on the Finished Projects page are the same.

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