[Akazawa RED] Loliland

Posted in Loli by YQII on the May 19th, 2013
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What’s better than femdom? Lolidom!

I translated this one like a month before the Mame chapter, but they still somehow ended up being released in succession like this.

With an evil organization trying to turn the good lolicons (i.e., the ones who settle for 2D) of the world into bad ones (those who go after 3D), a counter organization/force arises. The protagonist of the story is soon captured, and he’s then interrogated by a little girl who’s trying to get him to expose the whereabouts of his organization.
Will he crack, or will he be able to protect his beloved Loliland?!

This was done as an E-Hentai bounty created by Boggyb, contributed to by Slobber and Rikis. Canavi did the editing.



Long preview image is long
Also, too close to home, man

Again, I translated this well over a month ago. The fact that this was released just after the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest is just an eerie coincident.


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  1. UGA says:

    Too close to home indeed…

    I feel confident I can remain a good lolicon forever though.

  2. Falos says:

    They have the same name but they’re not the same thing. 2D food is a gameplay extension, 3D food has flavor, they only seem to be the same thing.

    Also consider the interesting/attractive personalities which writers create. They only exist in 2D. Don’t bother trying to find a 3D girl with them – they only seem to be the same thing.

  3. Shake says:

    Jesus christ the ball busting

    back to big titties for the rest of the week it is

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