[Yukimi] Kano Bana Ch.09-10 (Reedit)

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09 – A Lovely Night to Fall in Love
10 – Cherry Pink

Reedits by AntiAgingAnon. I’ve also posted a reedit of the first chapter from this book before. Be aware that that one is still using the magazine scans.


[Sasahara Yuuki] Shall We Game? Ch.06

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06 – Shall wii Game? Chapter 4

Happy easter! Let’s celebrate it according to modern-day customs, which kind of applies to all celebrations and holidays nowadays: with underage drinking.

This chapter returns to the game theme from the first chapter of the series. The name of the game this time is “Whose mouth is it!?” It’s a blindfolded guessing game, and the rules should be pretty obvious. As always, edited by ThorW.


[Yamatogawa] Power Play #06

A new chapter is finally out after four months! Edited by AntiAgingAnon.
Yamatogawa had good foresight to end the “flooded town” arc with Eclair in this chapter (which was released just days after the earthquake and flood that hit Japan mid-March), and we’re now moving on to the third and final heroine: Miina.

She decides to seal the imminent Evil Sex King in his laptop. Just to make sure, one of the heroines has the stay behind and guard him. He gets to choose who will stay, and to make things fair, Miina decides that she has to be with him as well.

Enjoy your eight simultaneous internal cumshots from the same guy. Magic is cool.

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[Kamino Ryu-ya] Unrequited Love X Graduation Trip

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I was going through old magazines the other day, and found this in a 2008 issue of Penguin Club Sanzokuban. Normally I wouldn’t work on magazine versions, but since it hasn’t been included in a tankoubon for three years, I have to assume that it never will be. It’s probably a promotional manga for the authors then new book.

It’s about a group of people on a graduation trip, and they spend their evening on a hotel playing drinking games. They game seems to favor a certain pairing, though.
Enjoy your keikaku doori.

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[Arima Zin] Muchipuri Ch.04-05

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04 – Beast-like Sweet Life
05 – Encounter Rare Cat

They have sex and Akira’s school uniform ends up dirty. Then they do laundry…
Yeah, these chapters aren’t that eventful. Edited by Conan.

Chapter 05 is an updated version of  this story.

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[Takla Mahiro] The Concealed Ending has been Found

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Almost two years ago, I was going to translate this book called “Taklamakan Zoo.” Before I got the chance to start on it, a group from e-hentai translated the first chapter. They were going to translate the rest of the book as well, so I forgot about it.

Two years and six days later, no other chapter has been translated by that group, but Desudesu translated the last five chapters. This leaves two chapters untranslated.

I’ve been wanting to finish this for a while, and now that Sperm-star is complete, I will. This is the first chapter I will translate (chapter 2). If you can’t find working download links for the previous parts, just wait a week or so and I’ll release a batch of the whole book when the final chapter (chapter 3) is translated.

This is a fantasy story. Your typical fantasy story ends with the bad guy being defeated, peace is returned to the land, have a complementarity princess. However, this story picks up where those stories ends. Seems like not everyone lives happily ever after…

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[Hyoco Road] M-My Younger Sister is 3.5

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Here’s a full-color doujin that appeared out of the blue. Seems like the author’s goal still is to release the fourth and final part of this story during summer Comiket, so it’s nice to have something smaller to help us get through those 4½ months of waiting ahead of us!

The story takes place at what seems to be the night directly following the third book, and most likely directly preceding the fourth. Kyousuke, being the nice guy he is (if you disregard the fact that he’s sleeping with pretty much everyone), is spending the night at Manami’s house so he can comfort her. Someone will ask, so just to be clear: no rape.

Some people tent to go gaga over anything colored. Me, not so much. Although I have to say that Hyocorou’s stuff in color is pretty awesome. Suddenly green-haired Manami is fine with me. Because searching is hard: part 1part 2, part 3!

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[Dr.P] Ren’ai Stampede! Ch.06

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06 – Begging Girlfriend

Yay, reoccurring characters! This chapter is about the couple from chapter four in the previous book. Much like in the previous story, Akira is making her boyfriend wait. This time she wants him to focus on studying for his tests, and in return she’ll do anything he wants if he get good grades. Just like in chapter four from this book, so… yay… reoccurring themes? Edited by ThorW.

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Fun fact: “No” often means “Yes.”

[Arima Zin] Muchipuri Ch.03

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03 – Skip Step Escape

Let’s all go to the mall! Ugh, I hate that series. Let’s look at this instead so I’ll get happy again. Yeah, anyhow, Naoto is treating Akira to a shopping spree at some fancy shopping mall with boats and a ferris wheel. As any self-respecting mall, it has a love hotel that the couple check into at the end of the day. Edited by Conan.

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[Amatarou] The Bitter Chance

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Since the hip thing to do right now seems to be to release projects that has taken forever to complete, I’ll do the same.

AntiAgingAnon suggested this late July last year-just over eight months ago. Unfortunately I can’t blame this on anyone but myself. I simply never started on it.

I usually consider magazine versions blasphemy, but AntiAgingAnon promised to reedit this and the prequel, The Sweet Chance, once they’re compiled in a tank.

This chapter continues the story in The Sweet Chance with the clumsy, big breasted (in my Amatarou manga?) Ayumi. This time her friend/boss is added to the cast; a man-hater who tries to force Ayumi to give up on men by stealing every boyfriend she makes.

DF | MU | FU | Hell, have a third dl link for the Prequel!

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