[Hamao] Sweets Sweat Ch.03

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03 – Lover’s Concerto

Here’s something to counterbalance the Mame release.

This couple has been apart for some time, so in celebration of their first date in two weeks, the girl decides to put on some sexy underwear. Although, judging from his reaction, it probably wouldn’t have matter what she wore.

Edited by Conan.

Update: Links removed by request of the publisher.

PS: We’re releasing this before the Kogure chapter because I took a break from that script and ended up finishing this one. The final chapter of “Ore Sen Kanojo” will be up next.

[Mame] Stigma! Part 2

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Here’s the conclusion to this series (part one can be found here). It’s the same sort of stuff as in the first part, but Mame kicks things up a notch (hoho) for the finale!

Despite being passed off to new masters, the protagonist can’t forget about his old master, Mikage. While trying to come up with a way to deal with their disloyal slave, Haruno comes across his laptop, which gives her an idea.

This was done as a E-Hentai bounty created by Bobbyb, contributed to by Slobber and Phiehgschieh. The editing was done by Ersatz_Cypher0.

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Look how happy they are. Nothing bad could come from this :D

[Tits!] Sandwich 6 – Scene 09

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White hair + weird sclera color + nekomimi (I guess) + wings combo? Sure, why not!

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[Charlie Nishinaka] Cheers… err, no, I mean Choice! Vol.3 Ch.04

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04 – Narikiri #15

Seems like some 100 chapters in Cheers wasn’t enough. Although, I guess you can’t make a cosplay compilation without a cheerleading chapter.

Apparently Shiori has to fill in yet again, and this time it’s for the cheerleading club.

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[Sweet Taste] Kemono of Magic – Foxy Rena 4

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04 – The Mysterious Girl: Otama-sama’s Secret

After a brief fight, Fenrir blasts off once again, and ends up landing right next to Rena’s hideout/shrine. After passing out on the stairs, he’s taken inside by a fox-loli.

As the title suggests, she’s no ordinary girl, and she’ll also uncover Rena’s origin story!

Edited by Super Shanko.

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PS: Gonna be away for the weekend (I’m leaving now), so I won’t be able to answer any mails/comments until ~Sunday.

[Kabuttari Kaburanakattari] Senpai and My First! Monster Hunting Onee-shota

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A newbie Gunlancer gets helps from his senpai (whatever class/job/etc. she is) to hunt his first monster. While celebrating him losing his hunting virginity, she find out that he still has his other virginity less. This awakens the huntress inside her…

A lot of the times, these shotas turn out to be hung as a horse and their junk seems to make out 1/3 of their body-mass. In this doujin, the size is much more reasonable.
At the same time, this kid has some serious child-bearing hips, so congratulations Seihoukei-sensei, my penis is still confused.

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[Tits!] Sandwich 6 – Scene 08

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This week we’ll get to experience a sleep paizuri–a reoccurring setting in Arekishi’s Sandwich series. This is very convenient for me, since sleeping girls don’t talk much.

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[Dr.P] Bokunchi no Mikage-san Ch.05

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05 – Yumiko-san in the Library

Seems like Dr.P’s meganekkos are either older onee-sans/teachers (this, this, this) or lewd school girls (this and this). This one would fall into the latter category!

She is caught masturbating in the library by the boy she likes, who starts avoiding her after that. Because of this, she worries he hates her now. Naturally, Mikage is there to listen to her situation, and offers a very hands-on solution to the problem.

Edited by Afro Thunda.

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Mikage-san 078fro

[Hamao] Sweets Sweat Ch.01-02

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01 – Princess For Three
02 – Wanna Do It?

In the spirit of E3, today I’ll introduce the next-gen tankoubon from Conan and me!

The book stays true to its title: lots sweet vanilla stories, but the love-making still gets pretty intense with plenty of sweat and other bodily fluids flying around.

These first two chapters are full-color short. The first one is about a girl putting on a cheerleader outfit to cheer for three guys, and the second one about a couple doing it under a bridge in the rain.

Update: Links removed by request of the publisher.

used books

PS: I’ve worked a lot more on doujins this year compared to earlier. Me being a busy bee combined with the fact that my doujin translations have the lowest release-priority means there are a lot of doujins currently being worked on/waiting to be released.

Continuing in the spirit of E3, here’s a list of what’s to come (sorta in release order):

[Kabuttari Kaburanakattari] Senpai and My First! Monster Hunting Onee-shota (MH)
[Doronuma Kyoudai] A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary – Chapter 3
[Galley] Sukimonogatari (Bakemonogatari)
[Kesson Shoujo] Kesson Shoujo MANIACS 15
[Yokoshimanchi.] Plaything. (God Eater)
[KATAMARI-YA] Mami-sandwich (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

In addition to these six doujins, six book chapters are currently being translated/ proofread/edited! Make sure you’re “always on” so you won’t miss anything!

[Tits!] Sandwich 6 – Scene 07

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Time for the bread-and-butter paizuri in manga (IMO): POV with the guy on his back.
Not sure if “brown” is the best word here, but she’s darker than your typical character. Also, I really like this girl’s hair.

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