[Naruco Hanaharu] Futon Mania Club?, FutonManiacs Return!!!!!!!

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The first full color short was translated a while ago, which isn’t that surprising seeing how it was released seven years ago. However, its longer sequel–which came out in 2011–was left untouched. AntiAgingAnon suggested we’d finish this “series,” so this is a new translation/edit for the first part, and the completely new sequel!

It’s about a proper tsundere-girl being sent to inspect her “husband” (according to her friends) and his “futon club.” Apparently, sleeping is serious business, and he gets her to join the club so he can show her the wonders of a futon.

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[Drill Jill] Spermaniax Ch.05

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05 – She’s a Violence Heroine – Chapter 13

After Chitose went final form in last chapter, the tides are starting to turn in favor of the students/teachers side. However, Nekomiya runs into new trouble–and this time it doesn’t come from the outside, but quite literally, from within.

Things are about to get weird, which is saying a lot when we’re talking about Drill Jill.

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[Watosato] Licentious Kawashiro Nitori-san

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With all the standard Comiket projects out of the way, here’s something new!

This starts out with Nitori–wearing a ridiculously revealing pair of hot pants–bluntly rejecting a guy who tries to hit on her. Crestfallen, he returns to his group, and another guy tries his luck. He’s a lot more frank, as the preview picture shows. Her first instinct is to turn him down, but Nitor then says she’ll think about it if he buys her a lot of stuff.

Defying all hentai conventions, she doesn’t turn into a cock craving slut at the sight of dick, and stays abusive throughout the story. Guess it’s time to get your M on!

Edited by Conan.

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[Bareisho] Urahara Ch.08

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08 – Rental Onee-chan

As a last resort, a couple hires a girl from “Rental Onee-chan” to motivate their shut-in son to leave his room. Edited by AntiAgingAnon.

Update: Links removed by request of the publisher.

[Hyoco Road] Absolute Kirino Territory 2

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Here’s the continuation of this story.

After what happened in the previous volume, Kirino decides that they should go the “let’s pretend nothing happened” route, and kicks Kyousuke out so he can go on his date with Kuroneko. However, Kirino has a hard time pretending nothing happened between them, and she eventually snaps and goes full-out yandere.

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It’s not what you think it is… Well, okay, it kinda is.

[Hamao] Sweets Sweat Ch.05

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05 – Sweets Sweat

The titular story from this book. As you’d expect, it gets pretty sweaty.

Girl asks a boy over to work on a report. Unfortunately, it’s a really hot day and the air conditioner is broken, so he takes off his shirt and there you go.

Edited by Conan.

Update: Links removed by request of the publisher.

[Digital Lover] D.L. action 79

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Digital Lover’s second C84 doujin, and after years of almost exclusively working on Toaru and OreImo, DL throws another curve-ball in the form of a Bakemonogatari one.

Araragi lets an opportunity to get some donuts slip by, so Shinobu threatens to tell Gahara what’s been going on when he’s around other girls. He offers to buy her one of every kind from Mister Donuts next time he stops by, but that’s not enough to satisfy her.

Expect some typical Monogatari-esque bantering, followed by bathtub-banging.

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[Dr.P] Bokunchi no Mikage-san Ch.07

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07 – Revenger Mitsuki

Looks like we’re up for more score settling with this new Dr.P chapter.

Ikumi’s teacher tells him a story about a student who became a ninja. He’s partially responsible for sending her down that path, so she’s returned to exact her revenge.

Edited by Afro Thunda.

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Mikage-san 110fro

PS: While it’s not the last of the book, the next chapter will be the final part of the Mikage series, and the heroine returns to make one final appearance!

[Digital Lover] D.L. action 78

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We’re continuing the Misaki story from 76 and 77 in this one. Misaki has assembled the three of them in order to settle the score between her and Mikoto. After two shorter Toaru doujins, we finally get a long (30+ pages) one again, so lots of fun to be expected.

Edited by AntiAgingAnon.

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PS: DL 79 will probably be up next.

[Charlie Nishinaka] Choice! Vol.3 Ch.05

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05 – Narikiri #16

This chapter will bring us some teacher cosplay (which is a bit weird seeing how she’s an actual teacher); instead of her regular jersey, she’ll try out a more proper look with a skirt suit and glasses for added sensei-ness.

Anyway, enjoy some phone sex. And by “phone sex,” I mean the exhibitionist kind where you have sex while on the phone with someone else.

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