[Kemono Ekaki no Kousoku 2] Chocolate, [Hamao] Lilith (Reedit)

Here’s another Sindoll doujin, so it’s obviously going to be furry. It’s about a brown queen receiving her weekly “massage” from her many male servants.

Bounty and edit by Super Shanko, who also released a textless version!

Text: _DF | RG | EX (20.4 MB)
Clean: DF | RG | EX (18.8 MB)
T+C: _ DF | RG | EX (39.2 MB)


[Hamao] Lilith

If you don’t like dogs (or whatever she’s supposed to be), here’s another reedit by AntiAgingAnon based on a translation by Ventorez, just like this one. This one had a lot of gaps with missing lines, which have now been filled!

Update: Links removed by request of the publisher.

[Bosshi] Onee 30

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Been a real long while since last time I did something by Bosshi, mainly because nowadays, new releases get translated using “light saber dick” magazine versions.
A few are spared the “More. Faster” treatment though, such as this one!

30-something office lady wakes up with a hangover and her younger coworker sitting on the floor next to her. She finds out that after getting drunk at a drinking party, she dragged him home and continued the party at her place. What’s more, she also made a promise to him before passing out…

Bounty/edit by Lasertym.

Update: Links removed by request of the publisher.

PS: This is chapter 12 from the Chu Chu Cherry tankoubon. Lasertym is already working on the final (13) untranslated chapter with someone.

[Hamao] Sweets Sweat Ch.07

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07 – Sexual Punishment

This one is about a guy who gets really interested in his mother’s cousin–a kind person who’s living with them for a while. He takes every opportunity to be with her, but one night, he walks in on her masturbating. He’s about to find out that she has a side to her that’s not very kind and gentle at all.

Edited by Conan.

Update: Links removed by request of the publisher.

[Kurosawa pict] Aya-colored Mosaic

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Haha, it’s Ayaya time!

Very simple story: Aya forgets to put on panties when she leaves for school, fantasizes about Youko finding out about it, and then flees to the bathroom to calm herself down.

DF | RG | EX | FU


[Amatarou] Flower Ch.06, 08, 09, [Hamao] Love Peak (reedit)

Posted in Reedit,Regular by YQII on the October 2nd, 2013
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06 – Memory
08 – The Sweet Chance
09 – The Bitter Chance

Last summer, AntiAgingAnon reedited these three chapters using the tankoubon version, I changed some lines, and they were proofread. However, I wasn’t happy with chapter 6, which I translated back in 2009, and I decided it’d be easier to just redo the translation instead of trying to change the existing script.

We both apparently forgot about it until recently when I found these files. So, after a very long delay, here’s a brand new translation for the “Memory” story, as well as a tankoubon reedit for all three chapters.

DF | RG | EX | FU (6) | FU (8-9)


[Hamao] Love Peak

Here’s another reedit (mag->mag this time, due to the quality of the original editing), courtesy of AntiAgingAnon. Translation by Ventorez–I just filled in some missing lines.

Update: Links removed by request of the publisher.

[Gerupin] The Tightening Down There Won’t Stop!

Posted in Futanari by YQII on the September 30th, 2013
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I noticed I had not done a single futanari doujin from C84. Let’s fix that!

I also realized I knew nothing of Precure, so I’ve caught up with the first half of the anime to confirm the terminology. Of course, it also makes things like this more enjoyable.

The doujin doesn’t beat around the bush. The picture below is from the very first frame. After some oral and some very nice DP, Rikka joins in (unfortunately, there’s no henshin scene) to end it with a futa threesome. We also have another “to be continued(?)” in this doujin, so maybe it’s not over after all!

DF | RG | EX | FU

The best way to begin a doujin!

[Takumi na Muchi] Urakoi

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It’s been a while since last time I did a Takumi na Muchi doujin, mainly because they got a bit too rape-y for my taste. Fortunately, the artist decided to go for a more lovey-dovey theme for this doujin.

This starts off with the “accidental kiss” cliche (which by the way always reminds me of that ZnT opening) between Raku and Chitoge, who then decides to continue at his house where they can be alone. What they don’t know is that Onodera is also on her way to hand him some printouts. Things get a bit complicated, but what do you expect from a (as I understand it) triangle romcom?

Edited by Conan.

DF | RG | EX | FU


PS: Response to inevitable “already translated” comment here.

[enuma elish] Valhallagatari

Posted in Regular,Yuri by YQII on the September 26th, 2013
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Since I’ve already covered the best-girls-tier (read: lolis) in the past, here’s a lovely, lengthy doujin that takes care of all the other nice characters!

Senjougahara found out what Araragi has been up to behind her back–by looking up clips on the internet–and she decides to teach him a lesson.

Yukimi did a stellar job squeezing in an oral scene with the Fire Sisters, a Gahara x Kanbaru (!) scene, and finally some anal with Senjougahara in just over 30 pages.
Not only that, it also ends with the promise of a sequel!

Edited by AntiAgingAnon.

DF | RG | EX | FU | 05 typo

Have a lot of words as a preview.
(It actually gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for.)

[Dr.P] Bokunchi no Mikage-san Ch.08

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08 – My Mikage-san 3

Here’s the final story with the main characters, and it changes the tone from “the wacky adventures of Mikage-san” into “greatest love story ever told.” Get ready to feel.

Edited by Afro Thunda.

DF | RG | EX | FU

Mikage-san 130fro
I feel kinda bad for using this as a preview picture for such a sweet chapter.

PS: Keep in mind that as always, we end the book with a couple (two in this case) reappearances from previous books.

[Charlie Nishinaka] Choice! Vol.3 Ch.06

Posted in Regular,Yuri by YQII on the September 22nd, 2013
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06 – Narikiri #17

Once more, Shiori-chan is forced into helping someone by wearing some sort of outfit.

In this chapter, it’s one of her former students–who now work part-time as a model–and she needs help at a car show where they’re promoting a new, smaller model.

Booth babe costume courtesy of Yazawa-sensei. Yeah, that’s can’t be good.

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