[Digital Lover] D.L. action 88

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The ship girls finds out that Admiral has been hiding a wedding ring from them. They try to ignore it… without much success, so they decides to try the oldest trick in the book: getting knocked up and pressuring him into marrying one of them!

Scanned by NEET☆遥 and edited by AntiAgingAnon.

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PS: D.L. action 87 is up next!


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This is actually a sequel, but the first page kinda sums up the story in that doujin.

Long story short, Bebe/Nagisa has her way with Mami… for a while.

Bounty and organized by Red Piotrus. Edited by hihohahi.

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[Morimiya Masayuki] Hatuiki☆Syndrome Ch.06

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06 – Eccentric Syndrome

This is why you should ask if your butt looks big when trying out clothes: to avoid the inconvenience of it getting stuck when taking a shortcut though an alleyways.

Edited by hihohahi.

Edit: Links updated with corrected resolution (matching the other chapters).

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This is a great panel

General update
With new posts being few and far between, I figured I’d go through what I’m currently working on.

[A・L・L] SWEET SYRUP S will most likely be out in a few days. It’s been edited, and I just have to look through it.
♦ Just a few pages left in DLa 88, but AAA won’t be able to typeset this week, so ETA is next week. DLa 87 also popped up, so I’ll get to that after 88.
♦ Finally, hihohahi offered to edit [Hyoco Road] Youkoso Chou Sendai Tokku, so I guess I’ll do that anyway.

That should keep me busy for a while, but after that, I think I’ll still look through some C86 stuff before going back to my book projects.

[Kemono Ekaki no Kousoku 2] Re: Temptation , [Kinbou Sokai] Maou no Musume-san wa Jikaku ga Tarinai You desu

[Kemono Ekaki no Kousoku 2] Re: Temptation

I don’t know anything about Legend of Mana, but this is apparently a furry incest doujin. Sierra comes to visit her brother in the underworld, and finds out that his room is filled with sister-themed porn.

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[Kinbou Sokai] Maou no Musume-san wa Jikaku ga Tarinai You desu

YuusShibu doujin where Raul and Fino test out the store’s new line of adult toys.

I only checked the translation and filled in some missing lines in this one.

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[Nakata Modem] Houkei Nama Ijiri Ch.09

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09 – Watch And Watched…

A guy has made it a habit to rent porn from a store only when a certain girl is working, and the titles always seem to involve women watching men masturbate.

However, this time she’s apparently caught on, and confronts him about it.

Edited by bfrost.

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[Mame] Double S Size #4, batch, editor wanted

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It’s been a while since the previous chapter of this series. Just to clarify, I finished the script exactly two months ago, but we’ve been waiting for a scan since then. A decent scan showed up just last week (the tankoubon), so we’re finally able to finish this!

This is the conclusion to Double S Size. Don’t think I need to say any more.

Edited by Boggyb.

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Double S Size #1 – 4 (44.4 MB)

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[Mame] Milk Crown – Editor Wanted

As mentioned above, this chapter came from the newly released tankoubon, Milk Crown, rather than the Girls For M magazine. The tank is much less censored (bars instead of mosaic; compare chapter 3 and 4), and I’d like the reedit the entire book.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to do that, so I’m hoping some skilled editor would be interested in helping me out. I have the Photoshop files for all the chapters I’ve translated, so that should save you some time when typesetting. I’d also like to redo the translation for the remaining ~30 pages I didn’t do, just for the sake of consistency.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with me (mail, comment, PM, etc.)!


[Arima Zin] Tennen Koiiro Alcohol Ch.06

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06 – You Are Sick!!

Naoto has become bedridden after catching a cold, so Akira comes over to do what she can to nurse him back to health… and we all know what that means.

This is the last chapter with Naoto and Akira, but there are still three other chapters left!

Edited by Bubblemilktea.

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[Nakata Modem] Houkei Nama Ijiri Ch.08

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08 – Teach Me Masturbation

Here’s a chapter about a sibling couple. The younger brother keeps having wet dreams, and the sister is fed up with having to wash his dirty underwear. He doesn’t know how to take care of it himself, so she decides to give him a helping hand.

Edited by bfrost.

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[Digital Lover] D.L. action 86

For once, I was prepared for the new series Digital Lover decided to pick up. When I saw the preview for this on her site, I started watching the anime. I find it kinda meh, but you do what you must (because you can).

Miyuki tries to make a move on her Onii-sama, but as you’d expect, he’s not very interested. Conflicted with her feelings, she goes to bed hoping she’ll feel better in the morning. Her sleep is interrupted when her brother comes to wake her up though, and he’s much more eager this time around.

Scanned by kouya913 and edited by AntiAgingAnon.

Update: AAA found a typo, so links are updated.

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[Amatarou] Melody Ch.05, batch

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05 – All By One’s Twosome

Not sure how I feel about this chapter. It’s about a girl who’s only friend is an imaginary one, and I feel kinda bad for her in the early pages. That friend, however, is rather headstrong, and her taking over the body leads to some typical wacky Amatarou stuff.

Edited by AntiAgingAnon.

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[Amatarou] Melody Ch.1 – 5 (125 MB)

As mentioned earlier, I won’t do the rest of the book any time soon (if ever), so batch.

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