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Posted in Info by YQII on the December 21st, 2013

Update: Koi no Danmenzu doujins released and Kemono Ekaki no Kousoku 2 doujin added! (more…)

[Koi no Danmenzu] !tluassA tuo-llA

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First off all, the title is in fact backwards, so that’s why it looks like this.

In quite fond of this Tenryuu & Tatsuta combo. It’s nice how you often get both of them at the same time… which is exactly what Admiral gets in this doujin when the two of them provide some relief for a stressed out Admiral.

Commandeering (is that what admirals do?) a fleet is tiresome work, but I guess having affectionate and horny ship girls all over you kinda makes up for it.

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Already translated? Read this.

[Mame] Double S Size #3, batch

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Here’s the final part of this series!

As promised, Moka offers to help our protagonist discover the joys of M in order for him to get closer to Asana, but what’s her true intention? So many curveballs… not that many crushed balls though, which is a plus for some I guess.

Update: Turns out #4 will be in the next Girls for M issue, so I guess it’s not over after all! When I think about it, the (GfM) editor would probably have made a big deal about it in the comments on the first page, but the “End” on the final page made me jump to conclusions. Maybe the (again, Japanese) typesetter messed up, or Mame later on decided to continue the series.

Whatever the case, if there’s a fourth part, we will work on that one as well.

E-Hentai bounty by Bobbyb, contributed to by RowiRowi. Edited by Bobbyb and Jantch.

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Double S Size #1 – 3 (38.7 MB) (more…)

[Tataraba] Rare Equpiment in an MMO Means Erotic Equpiment, Right!?

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It kinda does, doesn’t it? Well, I guess sometimes, every single armor is lewd.

Hey, look! It’s a Log Horizon–or Erog Horizon, like it says on the cover–doujin! Shiroe is probably busy scheming, which is why Akatsuki wants to get herself dolled up so he stops being a clueless pro/antagonist and notices her. She turns to Henrietta for some sexy clothing, and she’s more than happy to help out…

Scanned by Kalevala.

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[Nakata Modem] Houkei Nama Ijiri Ch.05

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05 – That Summer With Sensei And Me And…

It’s been a while since the last chapter, but here’s the next installment of Nakata Modem’s phimosis femdom saga!

This chapter is about a guy who’s excited about coming to school in the middle of the summer holiday. Why, you may ask. Because he wants to spend time with his busty teacher. Once he gets there, he finds her sleeping in a chair without a bra on…

Someone also pointed out that the girl in the story and Momoka in chapter 3 are not the same person, so we’ve changed a few lines. Since it’s a big change, I’ve updated the links now instead of waiting for the batch. Get the v2 below.

Edited by bfrost.

Ch.05: DF | RG | EX | FU
Ch.03v2: DF | RG


[Rico] Swelling Feelings

Posted in Loli by YQII on the April 5th, 2014
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Here’s the prequel to this doujin I did a month ago. I only noticed that this existed when reading the artist notes in the doujin just before release, which is why I did them in reversed order like this.

I wasn’t too sure how to classify the last one. Even the artist herself (?) said that it’s hard to tell if her girls are loli or not in general. Here’s an amusing anecdote: the one time I’ve gotten banned from 4chan was for posting a Rico translation on /h/ (must have been one of these), and some mod deemed it loli. Having read this one though, I think it’s safe to say that she’s probably meant to be a loli in both stories.

Anyway, this story is about her teacher giving her homemade sweets to reward her for getting a good score on a test. Needless to say, since this is a Rico manga, there’s something much sweeter than the sweets in this story.

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PS: Going back to look at old translations gave me a reason to check dead links (of which there were quite a few), so all Rico translations should now have working links!

[Pannacotta] Rampaging Love

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Handed in my final midterm report today, so time to get some work done. It’s been some kinda slow weeks for me, which haven’t really shown on the release rate, since–much like the scouts–I like little boys and I’m always prepared.

Here’a an Evangelion doujin featuring a surprisingly assertive Asuka who still can’t be honest with her feelings. That glasses girl gives her a much needed just-fuck-already push though, and she’s soon all over Shinji.

Scanned by Kalevala Scans, commissioned by HNTI. Edited by hihohahi.

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[Senya Sabou] When You Take a Bath With Mami, the Mat and Lotion Comes Out For Some Reason

Mami is in charge of purifying the girls’ Soul Gems, and you can probably imagine how that’s done based on the title. However, Nagisa (from what I understand, a character introduced in the movie) wants more…

Scanned by The Tsukuyomi Project.

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[Amatarou] Melody Ch.02

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02 – Cry For The Moon Relationship

A rowdy (and of course, since it’s Amatarou, busty) tomboy always has to come to the rescue of her timid friend who is constantly pestered by confessing boys.

However, one day the roles are reversed, and a boy wants to have a work with tomboy. While turning him down, she heard some curious rumors about her friend.

Edited by AntiAgingAnon.

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What’s going on? Who knows!

[Sakurai Dai Energy] The Allure of a Maiden in Love isn’t Only in Her Chest!

Here’s the other Ryuujou doujin I mentioned here!

Ryuujou competes with Kaga for the Admiral’s attention, and decides to bring him some tea after a successful sally. Unfortunately, he’s not alone when she gets there.

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[Volutes] Portable

Posted in Loli,Yuri by YQII on the March 23rd, 2014
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Super short Non Non doujin. Hotaru has a sleepover with Senpai, and she takes the opportunity to get closer to her. That’s about it.

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